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SFCG Ukraine to Train Human Rights Defenders in the Region

March 11, 2011


The Human Rights Trainers. (SFCG Ukraine Country Director, Roman Koval, is in center with blue tie)



SFCG Ukraine is working with Equitas on a two week-long training in Kyiv for human rights professionals from the Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Ukraine.

From the Kyiv Post:

The regional human rights training session, delivered in Russian, will expand the reach of human rights education, thereby ensuring that local nongovernmental organizations, community-based organizations, women’s organizations and their beneficiaries are better able to promote and protect human rights and contribute to the democratic process. The human rights training session will thus serve the double purpose of further building the skills of Equitas’ partners in the region, while also providing effective human rights education capacity building for local organizations within and across countries. To this end, the 14 designated partner organizations have worked together to develop, implement and evaluate the training session. This in turn will allow for the 31 local organizations to strengthen their capacity to promote and protect human rights and to undertake more effective human rights work, with a view to fostering civic engagement and the participation of communities in decision-making processes, as well as building support networks among civil society and key actors at the local, national and regional levels.

Equitas is implementing the program in Kyiv with the support of the Ukrainian Center for Common Ground.

Two of our country staff will lead the training, including Country Director Roman Koval who hopes this will be an annual event. Human rights work is often conducted from an advocacy position. The UCCG, however, will stress the importance of a participatory approach, both to human rights work and the way that human rights are taught to societies. Advocacy can often take on an adversarial stance, and we seek to introduce a common ground approach.
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