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2009 June 22

Mary Jacksteit, former co-director of Search for Common Ground’s initiative The Network for Life and Choice, discusses her work on that project in the Huffington Post.  She echoes President Obama’s Notre Dame Commencement Speech by recognizing that pro-life and pro-choice advocates can, indeed, voice their differences positions without demonizing their opponents and can work together on their shared positions, including the prevention of unintended pregnancies.

Motivated by the same speech, RH Reality Check, a website committed to promoting and advancing sexual and reproductive health and rights, launched On Common Ground, a section of the website designed to provide readers with articles and posts relating to the search for, and success in finding, common ground on abortion.  In introducing this new section, Rachel Laser mentions Search for Common Ground as a leader when highlighting the 4 necessary steps toward achieving long-lasting common ground.

Finally, Richard Land contributes to the pro-life/pro-choice dialogue by criticizing the demonization of opposing positions and encouraging adherence to the rule of law to ensure civility and reason among highly polarized parties.

These are welcome first steps toward fostering novel connections and partnerships among polarized advocates.

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