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Audiences Praise Search’s Kenyan TV Program

2009 October 23

By Juontel White

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Common Ground Productions, a program of SFCG, partners with the Media Focus on Africa Foundation to produce the television series, The Team.

The Team tells the stories of seven young Kenyan football/soccer players from different tribes and socio-economic backgrounds. Each must overcome their prejudices so that their team can have a chance at winning the league tournament.

Since premiering in Kenya in July 2009, the program has expanded its broadcast to 10 other African, Asian and Middle Eastern countries, including Morocco and Côte d’Ivoire—which are now producing local versions.

Actors and camera crew on the set of "The Team"

Actors and camera crew on the set of "The Team"

Viewers are encouraged to send feedback on the program, by responding via text messaging or email to the mobile telephone number and email address provided at the end of each episode.

Below is a sample of translated messages received from Kenyan viewers after a recent episode.

“Jambo! Thumbs up to Radio Jambo & Media Focus on Africa for such an educative play- The Team! It’s the play of the season fit for all Kenyans.”

“The show has come at the right time. Kenyans can live in harmony regardless of culture, creed, gender and tribe. Coach is a great guy, he is not tribal.”

“Johari is very brave, a leader who does not promote tribalism or chaos. True, leadership is not just for men but for all- men or women.”

“Tribalism has haunted us since independence. I think it’s high time the government used sports and programs like the team to educate Kenyans in the spirit of to togetherness. The Team shows I don’t have any reason to hate my fellow Kenyans over their tribe.”

“I really enjoy the show. it teaches me to live in Love and peace with all; without putting too much thoughts to their tribes.”

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