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New 3D Approach to Foreign Policy Report Launched!

2011 February 10

The CPRF Final Report: A 3D Approach to Foreign Policy has just been released. The Conflict Prevention and Resolution Forum (CPRF) is a project of Search for Common Ground, 3D Security and a consortium of Washington think tanks and universities.

The forums meets monthly and engages in discussions like:

  • The Role of the Military in Peacekeeping
  • Conflict Resolution & Negotiation in Latin America: Opportunities & Obstacles
  • Renegotiating an Effective Non-Proliferation Regime
  • Inclusion in Peace Processes: Who Should Have a Seat at the Table?
  • Children in Armed Conflict
  • Isolation vs. Engagement: When Diplomats Do Their Job.
  • Toward a Bi-Partisan Foreign Policy: What Can Religious Leaders Contribute
  • Investing in Peace: Taking Conflict Resolution and Development to Scale

This collection of reports is from a year-long special series of CPRF forums concerning development, defense and diplomacy (the 3D’s).

Do development funds and diplomacy bend hearts and minds toward political leaders abroad, giving the U.S. short-term access to natural resources or protecting geopolitical interests related to global power dynamics? Or are development and diplomacy fundamentally about building a shared vision of freedom, participatory governance, and human rights?   Does civil society have a role in security sector oversight, or are civil society groups simply implementers of a government-defined foreign policy?

The final report maps a variety of answers to questions like these, across the political spectrum.

Read it here.

Go to our website for more information or to register for upcoming forums!

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  1. Shannon Dulaney permalink
    February 11, 2011

    The report looks wonderful! So glad to see that it made its way into the world. (And the new blog design looks great, too.)

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