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Governance Training Programs for Students in Angola

2011 March 14

School Parliament participants attend a discussion to involve more youth in leadership activities.

Agencia Angola Press published an article last week praising the work of Search for Common Ground in Cabinda and Luanda, Angola.  Working in partnership with Angolan Executive, SFCG has implemented a project called “School Parliament,” which aims to engage youth in constitutional law and democratic principles.

João Domingos, the official in charge of the project explained that the trainings are designed for the young students from various schools of the country’s capital, on “rights, fundamental duties and citizenship”.  Domingos also underlined that the group will benefit from training programmes on constitutional law and governance principles as well as negotiation and resolution of conflicts.

“School Parliament” will be broadcast in radio stations from the provinces of Luanda, Cabinda, Huambo, Benguela, Malanje and Lunda Sul.

Learn  more about the “School Parliament” initiative here and read the original article here.

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