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SFCG Launches New Program for Women in Indonesia

2011 March 18
by sfcg

SFCG’s Leadership Wisdom Initiative (LWI) recently launched a two year initiative to provide support and leadership development for women leaders, including parliamentarians.  One of the goals is to transform Indonesian attitudes about the potential role of women in a democracy. LWI Director, Shawn Dunning recently travelled to Indonesia to lead a training of local trainers (TOT) who will in-turn support and coach women leaders at the national and state levels.

The Training-of-Trainers participants pose for a group photo, along with Brian Hanley (SFCG Indonesia Director), Serena Rix Tripathee (SFCG Nepal Director) and Shawn Dunning (LWI Director).  All the women selected for this program have expertise and experience in advocating for women’s issues.

Messaging to the general public is an important part of the initiative.  A national public awareness campaign includes a radio drama, followed by a local call-in talk show, will focus on challenges that women face and will strive to build positive attitudes toward women in leadership and decision-making positions.

A press conference was held during the training.

The trainers practiced problem solving and decision making through an activity called the “Consensus Knot.” The objective is to reach a consensus decision on which rope is interlinked with all the others.  Each member of the group has an equal voice and vote.

Two participants practice newly acquired coaching skills with each other.

One participant shares her excitement about the workshop. Over the course of the TOT, participants found that the common ground approach did not mean compromising their beliefs and advocacy around women’s issues.  By helping women to be more effective leaders, they are working to educate the Indonesian population about the role and status of  women in society.

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