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Crossing Borders with Generation Grand Lacs!

2011 September 1

After a year hiatus Generation Grand Lacs (GGL) is back!  The French program will re-launch this Saturday in Burundi, DRC and Rwanda simultaneously. An English-language program will be added in the coming months.

First launched in 2006, GGL is a regional radio program aimed at supporting cooperation and stability among young people in the Great Lakes region as well as breaking down stereotypes and encouraging Rwanda, Burundian and Congolese students to engage with and hear each other. Often they face similar challenges across the borders that divide them, but without interaction and exposure, these commonalities can be missed. GGL is broadcast weekly and hosted by a partner radio station in the region featuring current events and experts on topical issues. Listeners are invited to call in to debate, ask questions and share their opinions.  The chance to hear the voices of their peers in their own and neighboring countries reveals the myth of monolithic ‘other’ and the diversity of viewpoints within one’s own society. Young people can call, send SMS or email the program with their thoughts and questions.

In the past topics have included; freedom of expression, xenophobia and the expulsion of foreigners, the influence of armed groups, manipulation by politicians, and economic challenges facing young people.

The program address these topics collaboratively and equips youth with the skills and information they need to effectively prevent and resolve conflicts.

“No passports are needed!” goes one of the program jingles. “Cross the borders with GGL every Saturday!”

Join the GGL Facebook group to stay current with the topics and to find out where you can listen to the program!

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