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Factor In Trust

2011 October 6

The Trust  Factor

SFCG is partnering with Initiatives of Change (IoC) and other organizations to bring The Trust Factor to Washington, DC. The Trust Factor is a series of events that demonstrate how people from diverse backgrounds have built trust and are collaborating to solve problems in their communities, our nation, and even internationally. The series  deals with trust building initiatives and organizations that work on this topic and targets social justice issues. Many of the events revolve around faith discussions, civic participation and racial healing.

It will take place from Monday, October 10 to Saturday, October 15 in various locations throughout Washington, DC.

A schedule of events can be found on the IoC website. There is no fee to register but a $20 donation can help support more projects like the Trust Factor in the future.

Important and interesting conversations are happening, add your voice to the discussion!

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