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The Best of the Blog: 2012

2012 December 10

by Gus Peters

As Andy Williams once crooned, it’s the most wonderful time of the year. The holiday spirit is in full force as the nights grow longer and the days get colder here in Washington, D.C. While people plan their celebrations, we at Search for Common Ground would like to reward you, fearless reader, with our five most popular stories of the year from The Common Ground Blog. From the sprawl of Kinshasa to the shores of East Timor and amidst the encampments of Zuccotti Park, these stories represent our efforts to find peaceful solutions to complex problems and encourage greater dialogue about the pressing issues of the day. Be sure to follow us or you’ll miss out on all of the latest stories from around the world!

Without further ado, here are the five most popular stories of 2012.

img_6848Burundian Reflections on a Stay in Kinshasa

Radio journalist Cyntia Ngendakuriyo described her February journey from Bujumbura, Burundi, to Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Read about her experiences participating in the Génération Grands Lacs (GGL) program!

east-timor-blog-indo-soldiersEast Timor’s Elections this Week: Thoughts from SFCG Country Director Jose de Sousa

Jose de Sousa, Country Director of SFCG-Timor-Leste, discusses how the media have a huge role to play in elections. With November not far behind us, this post definitely merits re-reading!

arab-and-jewish-boysHebrew-Arabic bilingual schools are building a future

Veteran journalist Zel Lurie wrote about bilingual schools in Israel and their efforts to create a generation of children united by their similarities rather than separated by their differences. A long-time friend and supporter of SFCG,  this article was re-posted with permission from the author and the San Diego Jewish World.

The Highest Common Denominator

Is there common ground between the tea party and the occupy movement? Christopher White’s thoughts on the matter may surprise you.

a-p5-student-smiles-with-his-olpc-computer1A New Approach to Conflict Resolution: Computer Games Create a Safe Space for Learning

Here’s a unique story from Rwanda. Katherine Conway discusses how SFCG and its implementing partners are using video games  to teach children in primary schools about the causes of conflict and ways to resolve it.

Hope you enjoy these pieces as much as we did! Before you leave remember to follow us for all the latest in peacebuilding news from around the world!

Gus Peters is a well-traveled, 22-year-old graduate of Washington University in St. Louis. An avid blogger, he currently serves as SFCG’s Communications Intern.

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