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Forgiving the unforgivable: Kia Scherr’s story

2010 December 6


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Two years ago, Alan Scherr and his 13-year old daughter Naomi were killed during the terrorist attacks in Mumbai, India, leaving behind not only a grieving wife and mother but a heartbroken community that was like family.  They were traveling in India with the Synchronicity Foundation, a spiritual community that Alan and his wife Kia joined in 1996.  Although he worked for the organization as their vice president, the compound where the Scherrs lived with other Synchronicity members was also home: the monks residing on the grounds watched Naomi grow up, and remember her as both a little girl who liked to draw pictures and as a teenager who dyed her hair blue.


Immediately after the attacks, Kia Scherr voiced a seemingly radical sentiment: forgive the attackers.  While she said that she was experiencing “the deepest grief and pain [she had] ever known,” she maintained that “we must send them our love, forgiveness and compassion.  As Jesus Christ said long ago, they know not what they do.  They are in ignorance, and they are completely shrouded and clouded by fear, and we must show that love is possible and love overpowers fear. So that’s my choice.”

Her resolve to forgive did not end with a public statement.  Together with the foundation’s spiritual leader, Master Charles Cannon, she founded One Life Alliance, a nonprofit organization dedicated to inspiring and encouraging the conversation about oneness and the sacredness of life.  In addition to seminar trainings and an ongoing conversation via the organization’s website, Kia recently traveled to Mumbai with Odyssey Networks to document her personal journey of healing, faith, and forgiveness.

Starting today (December 6th) through Wednesday, December 15th, you can watch her inspiring and remarkable journey online by following this link, and hear what she has to say about forgiving the unforgivable.

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